NewsApril 18, 2022

Villa Hotels and Resorts Appoints Hussain Infaz as Associate Director of Revenue

As part of their ongoing efforts to grow demand, maximize revenue opportunities, and provide opportunities to talented locals who positively impact group and society, Villa Hotels and Resorts have appointed Mr. Hussain Infaz as the Associate Director of Revenue.

As the Associate Director of Revenue, Infaz will work towards increasing revenue growth opportunities for Villa Hotels and Resorts by working closely with the teams to advise on revenue optimization and market management activities. In addition, he will be providing information on how to leverage sophisticated e-commerce analytics and reporting tools, enabling them to make strategic decisions across our businesses and enhance profitability.


Infaz has more than 12 years of experience in the Industry with experience in reservations, revenue, e commerce, and distribution and worked most recently at Agoda as the Senior Market Manager. During his time there, Infaz has built a strong network of business relationships with several key industry individuals to develop more partnerships and proactively communicate products, marketing opportunities, and promotional activities to partners to drive business growth.

Infaz believes that one of his core strengths is genuine engagement in leveraging employee knowledge and performance through market intel, industry trends, and technology and systems.