NewsJanuary 9, 2023

Vilunü Collaborates with Two Resorts to Create Bespoke Scents Inspired by the Maldives

As Vilunü marks its third anniversary today, the local brand is also celebrating two huge milestones in its business. Vilunü recently collaborated with two resorts in the Maldives to create bespoke scents, thus entering the field of scent marketing.

The first, created for the festive season at the award-winning luxury resort One & Only Reethi Rah, is called Coconut & Pink Sunsets. This calming scent features notes of coconut, rose, brown sugar and vanilla bean, and is designed to remind guests of the white sands and coconut-based cocktails that are synonymous with luxury and relaxation at the resort.


The second custom scent, named Island Garden, was formulated for Villa Haven, part of the newly rebranded Villa Resorts & Hotels. This fresh and floral scent includes notes of jasmine and creamy coconut, and was inspired by the dappled sunshine and evening breezes that waft through Maldivian flower gardens.

For One & Only, the scent was created into a room and linen spray, available for guests to take home with them, allowing them to take a piece of their resort experience with them. For Villa Haven, a room spray in the bespoke scent was gifted to their Partners at the International Luxury Travel Market Cannes 2022.

The creation of bespoke scents is a service that Vilunü offers to brands, resorts, and hotels looking to differentiate themselves and offer their guests and partners a unique and immersive scent experience. As a Maldivian-founded brand, Vilunü is also able to offer these resorts a unique perspective on authentic Maldivian scents and their links to Maldivian history and traditions.

Scent has a powerful ability to bring about feelings of nostalgia and memories of past experiences, making it a valuable tool for the hospitality industry in creating a memorable experience for guests. By collaborating with Vilunü, these resorts are able to offer their guests a way to bring home a piece of their experience through the use of scent.

Vilunü is also known for its retail collection of scents and products called the Scents of Maldives. Inspired by the nostalgia of slow island life and the flora of the Maldives, these scents aim to remind visitors and locals of their memories of time spent on the islands. The products are available for purchase at multiple stockists in Male’, Velana International Airport and various resorts.

More information about their products and stockists can be found on the Vilunü website.