NewsAugust 13, 2023

Visit Maldives and BBC Global News Collaborate to Promote Secure Luxury Tourism

Visit Maldives has joined hands with BBC Global News to launch a dynamic international advertising campaign aimed at showcasing the Maldives as a secure and luxurious travel destination. Through the authentic voices of its own citizens, the campaign seeks to portray the nation’s inviting charm.

The Maldives has witnessed a significant influx of tourists from the UK, constituting an impressive 8.4% of all visitors. With a remarkable count of 93,022 UK tourists already welcomed by August 12th this year, the Maldives continues to attract a substantial number of travelers. The UK held the third-highest position in terms of tourist contribution in 2022, underscoring its crucial role in the Maldives’ thriving tourism industry.


This innovative collaboration between Visit Maldives and BBC Global News is set to further elevate the nation’s profile as a secure and opulent travel hotspot.