NewsFebruary 24, 2021

Visit Maldives Uplifts Destination Presence at Propel: FORWARD Virtual Conference in the UK

Visit Maldives participates at propel forward virtual conference 2021 to connect with travel industry, travel content creators and media with the roadmap for recovery in a post-pandemic world. During the two day event, Visit Maldives will share practical advice, key insights with thought-leaders and network with key content creators and media attendees.

Developed by the team at Captivate, the UK’s leading travel blogging network, and creators, this landmark conference is focused on reviving the travel industry, and the content creators that support it by overcoming the challenges of 2020 and refocus on the emerging travel landscape of 2021. During the event, Visit Maldives will promote Maldives as one of the safest destinations to travel due to its unique geographical formation and the one island-one resort concept. Furthermore, attendees will be enticed to travel to Maldives through videos of experiences unique to the destination like; underwater dining, bubble tent on a beach and more unique experiences.


With participation as sponsor of this event, Visit Maldives was afforded the opportunity to be featured in the limelight. The added advantage of being in the centre of attention includes the opportunity to promote Maldives a ‘safe haven’ and to promote the products and experiences in a virtual setting. As a sponsor; Visit Maldives is displaying the destination at the event in a virtual booth with provided virtual networking sessions focused on restoring and developing relationships with travel industry partners, content creators and media. Also branded networking tables, panel discussions, dedicated conference sessions will enable the destination to connect with many attendees during the event. Further to this, video advertisement and social media mentions to promote the destinations participation are included as well.

The UK market is an exceedingly important market in terms of arrivals to the Maldives. In this regard, to strategically promote the destination in the UK market as ‘top of mind’ destination that entices travelers to discover and immerse themselves in the naturally isolated islands of Maldives to enjoy experiences of a lifetime.

Several marketing activities are in the pipeline for 2021, including joint promotions with notable tour operators, and prominent airlines, participation in key travel trade fairs and roadshows covering the UK and Ireland region. Furthermore, focused digital, social media and virtual activities are planned, aiming to maintain the destination presence and promote Maldives as the most preferred destination within the Market.

As the Maldives has welcomed over 100,000 tourists in the first month of this year, the UK market remains as an essential market in order to reach the pre-pandemic number of arrivals.