NewsJuly 23, 2020

Voyages Maldives Offers Special Safari Packages for Maldivians, Work Permit Holders

Take a break out of the city to the endless blues. Voyages Maldives is offering packages for Maldivians and work permit holders for a much needed getaway on safaris.

The special package include trip to their safaris: Sea Coral, Gahaa, Gulfaam and to Koimala.


Voyages Maldives has also introduced full day excursion packages and overnight trip packages to Maldivians and work permit holders.

Established in 1980, Voyages Maldives is a travel company based in the Maldives involved in a wide range of tourist services.

Although specializing in ‘Dhoni’ Safari programs, which include Cruising, Diving and Surfing Safaris amongst the different options offered, Voyages Maldives also provide ground handling services to Tour Operators, Supervision & Representation for airlines and travel solutions to/from anywhere in the world.

Voyages Maldives also has a highly qualified and esteemed team working to provide the best tour options in Maldives.