Appointments NewsMarch 25, 2024

W Maldives Welcomes New Executive Sous Chef Federico Belluco

Situated on the heart-shaped Fesdu Island and surrounded by one of the best house reefs in the country, the luxury playground W Maldives announced the appointment of their new culinary maestro, Executive Sous Chef Federico Belluco. Bringing a dash of panache and a pinch of innovation, the new Executive Sous Chef is set to whisk guests away on a delectable journey, elevating the resort’s dining experience to new, tantalizing heights.  

An Italian-born culinary maestro, Chef Federico has spent his entire career life honing his skills and experiences across Europe, Australia and the Middle East. With an impressive culinary background, he has orchestrated culinary masterpieces in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants and five-star hotels across Italy, Spain, Germany and the Middle East. Prior to gracing the Maldivian shores, Chef Federico lent his culinary prowess to the five-star Hilton The Pearl Hotel and Residences in Qatar Doha.  


In his new role as Executive Sous Chef at W Maldives, he is set to lead the kitchen brigade, curating a  symphony of flavors not only complement the Maldivian beauty but also introduces a touch of European  finesse. Guests can expect a menu that transcends borders, showcasing a culinary journey that spans  continents. 

“I am beyond thrilled to join the culinary stage and bringing my signature flavors that I have refined for  the past years to W Maldives. I am determined to work together with the diverse talents and create a  culinary symphony that resonates with the vibrant spirit of this luxury playground,” said Chef Federico.  

In describing his approach to culinary artistry, he continued, “With every plate and dish, I aim to tell a story, evoke emotions and take guests on a journey. I believe in crafting experiences that linger in the  memory long after the last bite.” He also added, “I fell in love with the Maldives from the moment I  arrived. The beauty of these islands inspires me, and I am eager to blend the richness of traditional  European techniques with the freshness of local Maldivian ingredients. I am also excited to show what  the evolution of both W Hotels brand and W Maldives would taste like.”  

In a world where dining is an experience, Executive Sous Chef Federico Belluco promises a culinary spectacle that not only satisfies but leaves a lasting impression. Get ready for a menu that reads like a culinary novel, with chapters of delicious surprises and witty flavours that dance on the palate.