NewsOctober 24, 2019

Whale Submarine Maldives launches world’s first UNDERWATER dinner in a submarine

Whale Submarine Maldives has launched the world’s first underwater dinner in a submarine with its 10,000th dive on 22nd October 2019.

In the past 19 years Whale Submarine has carried over 350,000 people on its underwater tours; more than the population of the Maldives. To celebrate this historic event, the submarine has launched a chance to enjoy underwater dinner, served 120ft below water, on the ocean floor.


Whale Submarine, operated by Tourist Submarines Maldives Pte. Ltd, is also the largest deep-diving passenger submarine in the world. They dive up to 50 meters deep to 4 stunning dive sites in the Maldives.

The submarine offers dives 6 times a day, 5 times a week and 45 minutes of underwater experience for their passengers.