NewsOctober 16, 2018

Why Travelers Need Mobile Phones to Relax on Holiday

Travelers feel safer going abroad knowing, they can easily use their mobile phone and that Wi-Fi will be available in most public places. This feeling of safety can also be attributed to the use of social media which helps ensure that all is well at home and also has the reassurance that everything is well.

Cutting off from the world and online social media can only add further stress to your holiday, especially if you are traveling to a new place and have a little knowledge about that city.


Here’s why it’s important for travelers to use a mobile phone on holiday ;

1. Navigate by using google maps to find directions for the popular sightseeing areas and finding the nearby restaurants, hotels, petrol stations and ATMs.

2. Share your photos with your family and friends on social media of the great places you, visit on your holiday. You can also upload photographs on Facebook and Instagram feed during your holiday

3. With Video Chat services you can talk to family and friends around the world as if they were in the next room.

4. For Food recommendations use Trip Advisor to find a list of cafes, restaurants and fast-food joints nearby, with ratings, prices, and location.

5. Keep your language book in your pocket if you cannot speak the local language. Google Translate can be invaluable, translating 103 languages as you type and even translating spoken conversations.

6. Use online banking apps which allow us to stay on top of expenditure, quickly transfer money and pay bills. You can also check your bank balance at any time, make emergency payments or find out if you’ve got enough if your account for a duty-free splurge.

7. Stay notified with work, friends and travel updates without worrying. If you use a smartphone, during the day your phone will probably ping with app notifications like news alerts, WhatsApp messages, game alerts and emails.

Of course, if you really want to relax, you can always turn off the internet altogether.