NewsApril 9, 2022

Wonderful Easter Activities Galore for Kids & Adults at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa!

This Easter, Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny has hopped on over to Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa in the Maldives to create a fun-filled calendar of experiences to showcase the best that the resort has to offer, for kids and adults alike. Every day, from dawn to dusk, there are a variety of activities to take part in and enjoy.

During this special period, all guests who vacation at the resort are considered honorary Easter Islanders at our island playground of Dhonakulhi, and will be able to enjoy experiences from the following categories:


1. Serene Easter

Centre yourself while on your vacay, find balance and harmony, and stay afloat in the chaotic life that most lead by taking part in our Serene Easter activities. Sunrise Yoga & meditation, special spa treatments for some exquisite skin rejuvenation, and enjoy a serene sunset while watching the fish feeding viewing nearby on the lagoon as you are enjoying your favourite drink at Meeru Bar are a few great options to find some reprieve while at our spacious island resort. These experiences will ensure Easter Islanders can practice mindfulness throughout their stay and even after their stay practice relaxation tips learnt during the yoga and meditation sessions with our yoga instructor.

2. Gusto Easter

After working up quite an appetite following all the physical activities, Gusto Easter experiences are a nice refresher. Culinary adventures await the Easter Islanders who want to have world class food and drinks and appreciate the finer things in life. Hideaway has many exciting and delectable treats ready for the palate of even the most discerning foodaholics – just make sure to indulge and imbibe!

Easter Islanders will be taken on a culinary journey to India, the Mediterranean, Mexico, and various other locations via food, which culminates in a special spread of delectable dishes created by the one and only Master of Food at the resort, Executive Chef Oliver Mette. In the spirit of Easter, a special tasting of artisanal chocolates made in-house by our Master Chocolate Chef promises to be the ultimate way to celebrate.

3. Active Easter

For those seeking adventure and thrills on the island, Active Easter activities are the right fit. To get the blood pumping, calories burning, and adrenaline flowing, Easter Islanders should try group kayaking and take part in the “first steps” scuba diving programme conducted by Dive Center Meridis. In order to keep the spirit of friendly competition alive, Easter Islanders should also check our unique Bocce game and also some fun Easter Games like bunny hop which is perfect for families to have a ball of a time.

4. Chill Easter

After all the food, exercise, and self-reflection, you just need to relax. This is where Chill Easter experiences come in, promising to provide a the best atmosphere for the Easter Islanders to kick back and relax. The fun does not stop just because the sun has set, and activities continue into the night with some evening entertainment.

Soak in the culture by checking out the local Bodu Beru performance or even chill with some drinks and popcorn and catch a movie at our open-air movie theatre.

The more outgoing Easter Islanders can come and socialise at the resort’s usual watering holes during Happy Hour – Meeru Bar and Sunset Pool Café and dance the night away to great beats by our DJ.

Enjoy the good conversations, good company, and good times while ‘chillaxing’ to the above impressive experiences done with the signature Hideaway touch.

Junior Easter Islanders

We surely did not forget the kids in Hideaway’s Easter Experience. Children’s resort activities are always an unforgettable part to any stay in the Maldives, especially during holidays. This year, we especially want to recognize and give kudos to all good boys and good girls and as a reward, kids at Hideaway will enjoy more chocolate than they thought possible.

The main event during this Easter season is the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The yearly Easter Egg Hunt will see family members of all ages team up to search high and low across the huge island, looking for hidden plastic eggs which can be exchanged for real chocolates. The person who finds the most eggs will be awarded a special prize. During the activity, the helpful visitors kicking it back this season, Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny will be going around giving clues and taking some choice selfies with fellow Easter Islanders.

Other children’s activities organised by our expert Tender Hearts Kids Club, include egg painting, pin the tail, pizza making, mocktail mixing class, cookies decoration, participating in the Mini Olympics, and much more.

Memories Guaranteed to Last Forever

All Easter Islanders will leave their hide away at Hideaway with countless memories made while participating in the festive, fun-filled activities. Make sure to ask the butler to arrange a photoshoot with Hideaway’s professional photographers: they will capture the smiles and fun experienced during the perfectly splendid island holiday – ensuring that, even though sun tans are ephemeral, the captured memories will last a lifetime.

Come become an honorary Easter islander and check out the exciting Hideaway Easter Programme that has all four elements of Serene, Gusto, Active, & Chill.