News TTM ExclusiveJanuary 4, 2024

Zamani Islands Opening in 2026 to Mark a Paradigm Shift as the First Fully Integrated Resort in the Maldives

Atoll Estates has revealed the ambitious Zamani Islands, the first fully Integrated Resort in the Maldives, spanning eight islands in an expansive lagoon in the tranquil part of South Male Atoll. The project, slated for completion in 2026, introduces three distinct resorts, each offering a unique and unparalleled experience, promising to revolutionise the hospitality landscape in the country.

The innovative ethos embedded within Zamani Islands transcends conventional paradigms, promising a hospitality experience that seamlessly intertwines luxury with an emphasis on environmental wellbeing. Amit Majumder & Dmitry Bourtov, Founders and Curators of Atoll Estates, express their vision: “Zamani Islands is our commitment to crafting sustainable luxury, embracing thoughtful design, and prioritising the well-being of our guests and team. With a nod to diversity and a sincere desire to expand the market, we aim to create a destination where genuine care and innovation converge, offering an experience that resonates with the mind, the heart, and the conscience.”


Three Resorts, One Vision

Zamani Islands stands as the Maldives’ premier fully Integrated Resort, boasting three distinct resorts: an Uber Luxury Resort, an Experiential Luxury Resort, and a Modern Lifestyle Resort. With a collective offering of 475 keys and the Maldives’ first super yacht Marina housing 120 berths, this visionary project caters to diverse tastes and preferences, embodying a holistic approach to hospitality. The Experiential Luxury Resort is projected to open in March 2026, the Uber Luxury Resort in October 2026, and the Modern Lifestyle Resort in March 2027.

Uber Luxury Resort

This resort features 74 exquisite villas, including two and one-bedroom options, four to eight-bedroom Mansions & Private Estates, and an exclusive eight-bedroom private island. Out of these, the 15 Private Estates and Mansions offer ownership opportunities and include a superyacht berth at the Marina. Designed for relaxation and holistic wellness, the resort features spacious private living spaces and diverse wellness offerings. The expansive Medical Wellness facility, managed by a renowned global brand, sits within the resort’s farms and orchards and hosts a farm-to-table restaurant. Dedicated wellness villas offer long-term stays with specialised programs and therapies. The Private Island is ideal for larger groups seeking the utmost privacy, featuring comprehensive amenities.

Experiential Luxury Resort

Designed for those seeking vibrant experiences, this resort features 199 villas with a dynamic atmosphere filled with activities, culinary adventures, and wellness options. The resort is set to host impromptu and scheduled events, fostering a social ambience yet providing tranquil spaces for those seeking solitude. With music and art as core elements, the resort offers multiple unique dining experiences, emphasising F&B. Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a wellness centre, an overwater fitness studio, various outdoor fitness areas, and numerous sports activities. Families will appreciate the well-appointed kids’ club, while ‘The Reserve,’ an exclusive adult-only island, houses the Beach Club, a themed restaurant, and a wedding pavilion.

Modern Lifestyle Resort

This all-suite resort harmonises with the Marina, operating independently yet symbiotically. It offers 201 keys (197 one-bedroom suites, three two-bedroom suites, and a three-bedroom suite), featuring diverse F&B, entertainment, and retail experiences. Public spaces, retail, entertainment, and a beach club are accessible to non-residents, enhancing its inclusive allure.

A Culinary Voyage Across 28 Venues

The Integrated Tourist Resort promises a culinary voyage across 28 unique food and beverage venues, each offering a distinctive experience. From Japanese Kaiseki to Maldivian beachfront dining, the venues preserve the genuine essence of their culinary origins. Noteworthy venues include a private dining tower, an iconic underwater fine dining restaurant, and a wellness-focused farm-to-fork establishment.

Sustainability at the Core

Zamani Islands places sustainability at its core, aiming to become the Maldives’ first 100% renewable energy-powered property, prioritising sustainability through BIPV (Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic) and highly energy-efficient buildings. The project emphasises sustainable materials, Agri-Photovoltaics, and indoor farming for food production. With a comprehensive waste strategy, including responsible packaging and recycling, the development aims for zero waste, employing innovative upcycling methods and offering waste management support to neighbouring resorts and local communities.

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