NewsMarch 18, 2021

Zdravo iz Slovenije! Introducing Moji Maldivi

Moji Maldivi was created for those who dream of visiting the world’s leading destination 2020 – the Maldives! It is a subsidiary of SEE Marketing, a PR firm based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, providing services in travel and recruitment to the South East Europe region.

Moji Maldivi was co-founded by the hardworking female entrepreneur, Ms. Aishath Nuzuha, whose sheer determination it is to promote her country and uplift the brand and its pristine beauty to the South European Market.


Moji Maldivi deems that Southern Mediterranean Europe (SME), Central Eastern Europe (CEE) and North Western Europe are potential source markets to Maldives, and that with serious emphasis on promotion and marketing, these markets can be lured to the Maldives.

The Services

Exclusive Website (Multilingual) – The official Moji Maldivi website is in the Slavic language and provides information about latest travel news, packages, unique attractions and exclusive offers. It also showcases job offers in resorts and success stories of people in the tourism industry of Maldives. The website acts as a focal point in gaining traveller information prior to visiting Maldives.

Moji Maldivi Official Magazine – The annual magazine will be distributed to top companies in the SEE region. Editions of the magazine include industry stakeholder interviews, insights, profiles of resorts, guesthouses and attractions in Maldives.

Dedicated Social Media Pages – Moji Maldivi has dedicated social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok with a brand presence of at least 10,000 viewers daily combined and great engagement on all posts.

Moji Maldivi Partners – Moji Maldivi promotes Maldives through key influencers, top media partners, regional magazines in the SME & CEE region.

Exhibition & Travel Fair – From a list of 15 top travel fairs in the region, Moji Maldivi intends to exhibit in the key fairs depending on available funds. Additionally, Moji Maldivi will take part in roadshows throughout the year.