Key Creators Shaping Guest Memories at Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives

At the heart of every flourishing resort and the wider hospitality sector is a committed team. Together, they strive to deliver outstanding guest experiences. The resort prospers thanks to the professionalism and hard work of its staff, who are devoted to crafting memorable moments for guests.

The team consistently surpass expectations by paying close attention to detail, providing personalised services, and ensuring smooth operations. Their efforts make Grand Park Kodhipparu a premier destination in the Maldives, where each visit is marked by memorable experiences and superior hospitality. Let’s explore the narratives of those working behind the scenes, enhancing the resort’s exceptional service.

Joey Pon – Assistant Front Office Manager

As the Assistant Front Office Manager at Grand Park Kodhipparu, Maldives, Joey Pon’s journey began as a Lifestyle Host in 2018. Driven by a passion for enhancing guest experiences, she seized opportunities for advancement. Joey champions teamwork and fosters a positive mindset, recognising that collective effort and a constructive outlook are pivotal in achieving shared objectives.

Ensuring consistent, outstanding service from the front office demands continual encouragement, guidance, and patient leadership. Joey motivates her team through understanding and effective guidance, viewing mistakes as opportunities for growth. Joey empowers her staff to deliver exceptional service consistently by instilling a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

In the recruitment process, Joey prioritises attributes such as positivity, self-awareness, integrity, emotional intelligence, and empathy. Recognising the importance of handling guest concerns with professionalism and empathy, she seeks individuals capable of maintaining composure and addressing challenges impartially. While technology enhances guest experiences, Joey emphasises the significance of genuine interactions, believing that authentic connections are pivotal in creating exceptional and memorable guest experiences.

Raymond Tan – Executive Chef

Raymond Tan, Executive Chef at Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives, boasts a culinary journey spanning over three decades, commencing as a junior chef at the renowned Raffles Hotel in Singapore. His culinary expertise flourished through experiences at esteemed establishments such as Park Hyatt and Harrods Department Store, overseeing culinary operations in luxurious resorts across Mauritius, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Raymond’s culinary philosophy centres around utilising the finest seasonal ingredients and top-tier techniques to achieve regional authenticity in taste, freshness, and quality. His international exposure equips him with the ability to cater to diverse palates, ensuring the cuisine resonates with the varied backgrounds of guests at Grand Park Kodhipparu.

Innovative menu development is a cornerstone of Raymond’s approach. Regularly reviewing the menu allows him to adapt to seasonal changes and guest preferences, introducing new flavours, ingredients, and dishes while preserving a sense of familiarity. This ensures that each visit to Grand Park Kodhipparu is met with excitement and satisfaction, as guests are continually delighted by the culinary offerings.

Abdullah Faseeh – Senior Dive Instructor

Abdullah Faseeh, Grand Park Kodhipparu’s Senior Dive Instructor, ventured on his scuba diving journey while working as a recreation host. Beginning with the Open Water course, he swiftly advanced to become a Dive Master, refining his skills in guiding and instructing divers. Motivated by a desire to expand his expertise, Faseeh became a certified Dive Instructor, honing his teaching techniques and leadership qualities.

Tailoring dive instruction to accommodate guests of varying skill levels and experience is Faseeh’s forte. Through detailed pre-dive briefings, he assesses each guest’s abilities and tailors instruction accordingly. From patient guidance for beginners to specialised training for advanced divers, Faseeh ensures safety is prioritised while meeting the unique needs and goals of each diver.

Integral to Faseeh’s role is educating guests about marine conservation. During briefings and debriefings, he emphasises sustainable diving practices and the importance of respecting marine life and ecosystems. By sharing information on local marine species and habitats, Faseeh fosters a deeper appreciation for underwater biodiversity, empowering guests to play a role in preserving our oceans for future generations.

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