Cora Cora MaldivesOctober 19, 2022

Choose From a Variety of Idyllic Sanctuaries at Cora Cora Maldives

Cora Cora Maldives is a 45-minute by seaplane from Velana International Airport or a 30-minute domestic flight followed by a 20-minute speedboat journey. It is the ultimate idyllic, island escape offering a vast Premium All-Inclusive – Gourmet meal plan® for a holiday like no other.

  • Beach Villa and Beach Pool Villa

As you flop onto your king-sized bed in this beach villa, the only sounds you’ll hear are birds flitting between the palm trees above the thatched roof. Catch the sunrise with coffee on the deck, then play all day on the beach below. If the mood strikes later, a midnight swim in the sea is just steps from your sofa. Romancing the week away just got a whole lot easier.

Beach pool villas will allow you to chill in your private Villa with the beach at your feet and sea breezes in your hair in total privacy. Relish the freedom of hopping between the pool, deck, and indoor-outdoor bathroom without worrying about onlookers.

  • Lagoon Villa and Lagoon Pool Villa

Talk about a sense of freedom – in these one-bedroom villas, you’ll feel like the ocean is your oyster. Jump, glide, shimmy, or cannonball right into the water straight from your deck. This is the ultimate choice for wannabe mermaids and mermen, with the seductive sound of the sea the non-stop soundtrack to your stay. The ultimate choice for romantics, it’s also a blast for kids who like to swim until their skin wrinkles.

Love the open ocean, but also like to chill by the pool? You’ve found your idyllic island home. Swim out from your one-bedroom villa for some snorkeling and sea-based shenanigans, then hop back up to your deck for some downtime with a book and a beer by your private pool. And if that’s not enough water for you, there’s a two-person free-standing bathtub and a rainfall shower inside.

  • Beach Pool Suites

The freedom to spread out and unwind with gorgeous ocean or garden views from every room – that’s the joy of these sprawling suites, with one bedroom and a separate living room. Take an afternoon nap while your family frolics on the beach out front. Share a late-night snack at the indoor dining table before a moonlit dip in your private pool and a swim in the sea is mere steps from the sun-lounger on your deck. Fabulously fun for couples and young families.

  • Duplex Lagoon Pool Villa

Live it large in this water-topped one-bedroom Maldivian beauty. Lounge around downstairs, swanning in and out of your living room, terrace and private pool. If you feel the siren song of the sea, skip down the steps and take the plunge right into the deep blue. And when you’re in the mood to snooze – or whatever – head upstairs for a bed with jaw-dropping ocean view. Your Instagram feed will be busy.

  • Two-Bedroom Family Beach Villa

Beach bunnies of all ages will adore these two-bedroom, two-bathroom villas. Splash around in the shallows, soak up the sun on your deck, then the kids can nap inside while you have a cup of tea with a view of the sea.

  • Two-Bedroom Family Beach Pool Villa

Forget the ‘five more minutes’ debate every time you try to get the kids out of the water. With your own private pool and the sea a few steps from your deck, waterbabies will be happy as clams in these two-bedroom, two-bathroom oceanfront villas. Splash around with them for a while, then kick back and relax for grown-up chilling on the deck as you watch them play in the sand and shallows below.

  • Two Bedroom Lagoon Pool Villa with Slide

A full-on family party palace, this ocean-top villa has it all. You’ll sleep like a dream in the two bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms – both huge and with sea views. Share tea and hot chocolate on the deck as you watch the sunrise, then kick back on the sun-loungers as the kids have a splash in your deck-topped pool. Ready for the sea? Take your pick of two ways into the ocean. Opt for the serene movie-star way via the steps straight from your deck – or the go-wild fun way via a slide into the sea. This is one trip the family will never forget.

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