Baglioni Resort MaldivesDecember 7, 2022

Enter the Blissful Italian Wellbeing Experience at the Baglioni SPA

Baglioni Resort Maldives is the best resort to discover your in-depth journey by offering ancient and traditional techniques to refresh your physical and mental well-being. The resort is located on the transcendent island of Maagau in Dhaalu atoll, surrounded by tropical beauty that will energize and heal your holistic well-being.

Baglioni SPA offers many wellness and fitness experiences for its guests. The treatments range from muscle toning activities, a yoga session, and many other fitness courses to find the right balance for your body.

Baglioni Specials

  • Baglioni Sensory Journey

Join the 90 minutes of journey that will leave your refreshed for the rest of your stay at this luxurious resort. The treatment includes a variation of a four-hand massage from two highly skilled therapists, as well as a luxurious foot bath, skin-renewing treatments, warm towels, and fresh fragrances. This will also include a non-traditional aroma massage using, long, smooth strokes synchronized with a cleansing facial and a stress-relieving scalp massage.

  • Baglioni Restoring Journey

Enjoy a nourishing and hydrating spa experience with the intense repairing treatment for your body and face. The treatment will include a full body massage with warm shea butter or coconut oil. You will be wrapped with these nourishments and absorbed all its richness to improve your skin and well-being. Your personalized therapist will care for your skin with a nourishing face mask and scalp massage.

Italian Beauty

  • Sogno Lifting Facial

This treatment cleanses your face, which will include an enzymatic peeling for a renewed and energised look. This superior and peaceful treatment is perfect for anyone who lives a modern, fact-pace life.

  • Sole After Sun Facial

A special after sun treatment which works wonders for the face. It immediately calms and intensely repairs overheated skin after excessive sun exposure. Additionally, the treatment is combined with a “cooling effect” mask, which brings tangible freshness and relief.

Body Treatments

  • Maldivian Kaashi Rub

This refreshing treatment starts with a natural coconut body scrub followed by a soothing wrap of honey and papaya. It will be added with a coconut oil massage sealed in freshness to moisturise your skin.

  • Body Firming

This treatment offers immediate and noticeable effects to the skin. It helps with various parts in your skin. It aids with scars, stretch marks, dry skin, body breakouts, and cellulite. It also includes firming and toning the body with a detoxifier, metabolism stimulator and a natural ageing booster.

In addition to the spa treatments, Baglioni Resort Maldives SPA offers in-house or visiting yoga practitioners to help you guide your inner and physical journey.

Each practitioner specialises in a treatment to improve your pain and emotional management, self-awareness, and helps to eliminate or improve your emotional, mental, and physical issues.

White Tiger Qigong

If you’re looking to heal and reduce stress, and increase muscle tone and flexibility, longevity, and peace of mind, White Tiger Qigong is the perfect treatment for you. It will transform unwanted emotion into new behavioural patterns and allows body adjustments through movement, breathing and meditation techniques.

  • Clear Your Stress

If you ever feel stressed about your day-to-day life, there are different natural methods which can help you relieve it. Reiki, sound therapy and essential oils will help you to release stress naturally without any side effects.

  • Unlocking Your Higher-Self

Get ready to unwind and relax by removing all the negativity from your lives. This treatment introduces few techniques which will open many layers to release negative actions.

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