Kuda VillingiliNovember 7, 2021

Top 05 Experiences for your Stay at Kuda Villingili Maldives

  1. Surfing at the Chicken Break

Kuda Villingili offers surf enthusiasts a heavenly vacation while enjoying what they love to do. It gives access to one of the top surfing spots in the Maldives where the reef stretch produces over 10 second barrels. For all the adventurous people who want to try something new, Kuda Villingili offers the opportunity to take surfing lessons and rife a wave for the first in their life. Cross out surfing at the Maldives after your stay at Kuda Villingili Resort Maldives.

  1. Wellbeing

Personal Yoga Master Sessions are offered for all the early birds at the Yoga Pavilion to start the day with harmony in your body, mind, and the environment. Guests can participate in the wellness sessions for free. Don’t forget to focus on self-love and treat yourself with delicious sweet treats and you can hit the gym to burn the calories.

  1. Spa

Drift to an absolute state of tranquility with Kuda Villingili Spa, connected to the island by a bridge. It is the perfect space to unwind and put your mind and body at ease. Professionally trained therapists and instructors will meet your wellness needs and offer the most personal experience using organic and plant based ingredients that complement the ancient healing traditions of the east.

  1. Exploring the best dive sites

Tick off diving in the Maldives from your bucket list with Kuda Villingili’s dive team. Explore the underwater beauty in the most popular diving spots in North Male’, home to reef sharks, majestic manta rays and other species of fishes.

  1. Take a dip in the pool

Who would not want to take a dip in one of the longest pools in the Maldives surrounded by lush greenery? Relax on the sunbed during the afternoon as you sip a drink carefully handcrafted by the proficient bartenders, dive into the pool for a swim, and take aesthetic pictures for your Instagram besides the pool.

For more information about Kuda Villingili Maldives, visit https://www.kudavillingili.com and for reservation and bookings kindly email: reservations@kudavillingili.com