Furaveri MaldivesFebruary 26, 2024

Holistic Harmony & Traditional Wellness at Furaveri Maldives

Tucked away amidst the pristine allure of Furaveri Maldives, the Wellness Village emerges as a haven of serenity, showcasing one of the region’s most expansive wellness sanctuaries. Enveloped in delicate aromas and framed by the rustic charm of wooden and bamboo interiors, visitors discover a refuge of calmness.

The spa invites guests to indulge in moments of relaxation and rejuvenation amid this tranquil oasis. This journey to wellness comprises three crucial elements: revitalising treatments, serene activities, and tailored care. The Spa boasts eight treatment rooms and two dedicated hydrotherapy rooms equipped with a sauna and jacuzzi. Stepping into the Wellness Village, each immersive encounter becomes a distinctive journey. Drawing inspiration from ancient healing practices, every treatment is meticulously crafted as a potent tool for restoration and revitalisation.

Immerse yourself in a thoughtfully curated selection of Ayurvedic treatment sessions showcasing the transformative effects of ancient practices. The Holistic Wellness Journey invites participants to adopt a holistic approach, aligning body, mind, and spirit through the fusion of traditional Asian and Maldivian healing practices. The Fura Kaashi signature treatment incorporates Maldivian essence with a rejuvenating local coconut scrub, hydrating tropical coconut oil massage, and a Maldivian coconut hair wrap. Additionally, the spa offers Indian oriental therapies, including abhyanga, shirodara, and Indian head massages.

In addition to the spa amenities, the Wellness Village features a range of fitness facilities, such as a gym, tennis and badminton courts, and a yoga pavilion. Nestled amidst banyan trees and lush vegetation, the yoga pavilion provides an immersive environment, fostering a spiritual connection with nature where guests can attune to the earth’s energies. Venture on a wellness journey curated by experienced yogis, personalised to individual skill levels, and crafted to emphasise rejuvenation, relaxation, and pure enjoyment.

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