Furaveri MaldivesFebruary 26, 2024

Traditionally Crafted Tranquility at Furaveri Maldives

Nestled amid lush greenery and above crystal-clear waters, Furaveri Maldives presents 11 distinctive villa categories encapsulating the genuine Maldivian essence, ensuring an unforgettable tropical retreat on one island where many memories await. 

Home to 169 villas ranging from beachfront villas to luxury two-bedroom residences, the villas offer an idyllic escape, whether nestled on the sandy shores or perched above a turquoise lagoon, crafted to meet diverse preferences.

The Garden Villa


The Beach Villa Collection features three distinct categories: Beach Villas, Beach Pool Villas, and Beach Pool Villas with Jacuzzis. Infused with the unmistakable Maldivian touch, these villas offer stylish open-plan spaces adorned with vibrant artisanal design touches, inviting guests to escape into a world of modern elegance right on the pristine beachfront.

Beach Villa

Explore the allure of a carefree island lifestyle at Furaveri’s Beach Villas along the exclusive beachfront. Time seems to linger in this serene retreat, offering supreme comfort and uninterrupted views of the azure expanse—a true essence of laid-back indulgence.

Beach Pool Villa

Perched gracefully on the beachfront, this exquisite villa beckons guests to indulge in the ultimate blend of comfort on sandy shores and delightful poolside enjoyment. Adding to the allure, experience the epitome of Maldivian splendour with an open-air bathroom, creating a uniquely immersive and lavish island retreat.

Beach Pool Villa with Jacuzzi

The Beach Pool Villa with Jacuzzi draws inspiration from the iconic Maldivian fishing boat, the “Dhoni,” reflected in its distinctive villa shape. Merging comfort and the enchanting beauty of nature, this villa presents a scenic beachfront view, inviting guests to enjoy both poolside leisure and the tranquil indulgence of a jacuzzi experience.


In the Ocean Villa Collection, guests can choose from four categories, each providing stunning views of either sunset over the ocean or the picturesque Maldivian sunrise. Furaveri’s Ocean Villas offer various amenities, from adventurous ocean access staircases to relaxing infinity pools, jacuzzis, and hammocks, ensuring a personalised and enchanting seaside experience.

Ocean Villa Horizon

Wake up to the soothing sounds of waves caressing your sundeck at Ocean Villa Horizon. Immerse yourself in a tranquil lagoon, relax in your private jacuzzi surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and enjoy stunning views from every corner of the villa, including the bathroom. 

Ocean Villa Infinity

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation at Ocean Villa Infinity with an outdoor bathtub offering awe-inspiring ocean views. As the sun sets, unwind in a hammock suspended above the lagoon, enveloped in a cocoon of comfort, creating a truly enchanting experience.

Sunrise Ocean Pool Villa

Begin your day with the breathtaking sunrise at Ocean Pool Villa, where you can either take a refreshing dip in the ocean or savour a floating breakfast in your private pool. Immerse yourself in a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty for an unforgettable stay.

Sunset Ocean Pool Villa

Discover the epitome of refinement at the Sunset Ocean Pool Villa, featuring a private infinity pool on the sundeck complemented by a hammock above the lagoon. Enjoy the convenience of sunbeds for a leisurely dry-off, a staircase leading directly to the ocean, and wind down in the outdoor tub amidst the sunset. 


Furaveri’s Residence Collection features three categories, each boasting two bedrooms, connected communal spaces, two bathrooms, and a private pool. Tailored for groups or families, choose between the Beach Residence for a sandy haven, the Reef Residence for a tranquil lagoon experience, or the epitome of luxury with the Velaa Luxury Residence.

Private Luxury Beach Residence

Discover unmatched comfort at the Two-Bedroom Private Luxury  Beach Residence with a private pool, where the soothing waves beckon just steps away. This beachfront haven offers two spacious bedrooms with interconnected common areas and two bathrooms, creating an ideal retreat for families or friends.

Private Luxury Reef Residence

Uncover the tranquillity of Furaveri’s Two-Bedroom Private Luxury Reef Residence with a private pool nestled by the serene lagoon. This residence offers an exquisite escape with two interconnected bedrooms, inviting common areas, and two bathrooms, providing a perfect sanctuary for groups or families. 

Private Luxury Velaa Residence

Enter a journey of refined elegance at the Private Luxury Velaa Residence, a beachfront oasis that seamlessly blends opulence and tranquillity. This exclusive retreat features two bedrooms, spacious common areas for living and dining, and two bathrooms, offering an expansive indoor and outdoor experience. Revel in the lavish amenities, including a large private swimming pool, deluxe poolside cabanas, sunken seating, and a Maldivian-themed hut surrounded by tropical blooms. Follow the private pathway to access the beach directly and soak in the breathtaking views of the turquoise lagoon. 

For more information on the villas and residences, visit furaveri.com/villas